Chip Rosenbloom Touched Many Audience Members With His New Play

Chip Rosenbloom is the individual behind an exciting new play called Bronco Billy. This exciting play is set in 1979. It follows the exploits of a wild west show that travels around the heartland of the United States. This adventure includes an heiress from Manhattan who ends up meeting up with the performers from the traveling wild west show. The fascinating story is wrapped up in the form of a theatrical musical that has come from the creative mind of Chip Rosenbloom.

The response to Bronco Billy has been quite positive. It has been described as a play that knows how to stir emotions in the audience that watches it. Its setting is during a time where America was going through great change and a period that many people can still remember who lived through it.

The main character of this play is Billy. He is a former sharpshooter as well as an ex-convict. He also has a passion for showmanship, and this leads him to pursue his dream of starting a wild west show. The play sees him recruiting a diverse cast of characters to participate in his show. Things really get interesting once heiress Antoinette Lilly joins up with this unique troupe of performers.

According to, many who have seen Bronco Billy have remarked on the fact that it is a charming play and a play that has a lot of heart. These are factors that have helped to make it a success and the recipient of many positive reviews.