ClearObject and IUPUI Partner to Accelerate AI Research Advancements

ClearObject and IUPUI collaboration will provide students with relevant hands-on learning opportunities to gain technical and managerial experience. This will allow them to integrate cutting-edge technologies into their careers. The real-world use cases will allow students to get a better grasp of what is needed in the industry. They will get a better handle on the future technologies, which will be important to them. IUPUI will also assist students in learning, problem-solving, developing, and teaching, which will allow them to compete effectively in the job market. It strives to meet its mission through ongoing collaborations with the private sector.

AI is a rapidly advancing field. It is not just the next great technological innovation. Not long ago, the word artificial intelligence was introduced. A century or so ago, computers were the size of small cars and weighed in at thousands of pounds. We had to build giant industrial plants just to have the power to run them. ClearObject, a digital innovation and visualization solutions provider, is now partnering with the IUPUI. Its mission is to provide a stronger STEM education, which is vital for the rise of new technology and innovation. The IoT Systems Innovator is leveraging its innovative technology, which includes artificial intelligence, in order to provide different ways for STEM education.

“The IUPUI will benefit from the firm’s real-world use cases as they relate to artificial intelligence. Since ClearObject’s engagement will be powered by artificial intelligence, this allows for greater interaction between our AI systems and university students and faculty,” said Gabriela Jeffreys, Director of Business Development at the firm. The first collaboration between IoT Systems Innovator and IUPUI is focused on mobile AI and other areas. “One of the most important roles for the universities is to develop the next generation of research and development leaders,” said Erick Ravasi, CEO of ClearObject, in a recent press release. “We are delighted to collaborate with the IUPUI team. The research-development culture at IUPUI is a great fit with our company, and we look forward to offering our staff access to the state-of-the-art computer science and education infrastructure. Evolving processes are creating an impact on organizational, regulatory, and ethical challenges. AI is being utilized to resolve such challenges.