Discover BeachBody and Shakeology

ShakeologAs an American entrepreneur and businessman, health and wellness has been at the center of Carl Daikeler’s career and way of life. His first job was producing halftime shows for on-air games broadcast by the NFL. After several years, he took a new position in production for the infomercial industry. It didn’t take long for Daikeler to notice that many of the products in infomercials were for personal health and fitness.

When considering why those items were flooding the market, Daikeler made some observations. He read reports and saw for himself that an increasing number of Americans were overweight or obese. He asked around and found out that for most people, going to the gym is a hassle and source of shame. He also noticed all the fast food establishments and the lack of wholesome, nutritious food in Americans’ diets.

These realizations led Carl Daikeler to found BeachBody. It started as a set of exercise DVDs. When people realized how convenient it was to exercise at home, they asked for more workout options. Daikeler quickly went on to produce hundreds of workout videos. He doesn’t just produce them; he stars in them, too. He got celebrity contributors and endorsements over the years.

In 2015, Daikeler introduced BeachBody on Demand, which was his answer to the changing of the times. Subscribers can access all of the videos any time through an internet connection. As smartphones flooded the communications and technology markets, Daikeler kept up the pace by co-founding the OpenFit app, which is the mobile version of BeachBody’s support network. It also offers live workouts.


To address nutritional gaps and the excess of sugar and calories in American diets, Carl Daikeler and his team developed Shakeology. It’s a protein powder, but it’s also much more. Shakeology contains a lot of fiber, which helps people feel full. Users mix the protein powder into plant or dairy milk to make a tasty shake. Shakeology shakes can replace a meal or a main dish. They’re filled with vitamins that help with cell repair and muscle growth. Shakeology comes in chocolate, vanilla and other flavors.