Dr. Leen Kawas Talks Improving Clinical Trial Data o

NEsteemed scientist and pharmacist Dr. Leen Kawas knows firsthand the importance of gathering quality data from clinical trials.

During her many years of working in the field, she’s witnessed, firsthand, where many studies go wrong.

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Ultimately, says Dr. Kawas, “There’s often a disconnect among the key stakeholders in the study.”

She stresses that “The science and medical sides of the trial must work hand-in-hand, just as patients and researchers must do.”

The payoff is quality trial data.

Here are more pieces of advice from Dr. Leen Kawas:

Obtain Feedback as Early as Possible

“It is essential to get patient input early and frequently during study protocol development,” says Dr. Kawas.

Too many clinical trials proceed along without obtaining valuable feedback from patients and other key stakeholders until late in the study.

By then, it’s usually too late to make subtle changes that may have improved the accuracy and quality of the data.

Streamline Operations

The operation of the clinical study must be carefully designed so that it is streamlined.

The study needs to be as efficient as possible, which, in turn, will help to ensure that the margin for error is as small as possible.

Messy operations garner messy results that are more challenging to interpret, says Dr. Kawas.

High Expectations for Conduct and Protocol

In addition to having efficient operations in place, researchers must develop and conduct studies with the highest expectations for conduct and protocol.

This entails behaving in a manner that is objective and fair.

Depending upon the type of clinical trial, this is sometimes challenging due to emotional charge.

But emotions must be left out of clinical studies, says Dr. Kawas.

The best results and the highest quality data will be gleaned from clinical studies that meet these criteria, according to Dr. Kawas.

Based on her own professional results, this is advice worth taking.

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