Happy Joe’s and Olive Garden

Happy Joe’s Pizza is expanding in Illinois, but this is not your average expansion. Rather than just opening one or two stores within the state, the American Pizza Parlor has embarked on a unique new endeavor of franchising its brand locally. The company wants to make it easier for people in Illinois to experience the variety of pizzas.


Therefore, at Happy Joe´s, they offer and help them realize how great pizza can be both locally and nationally. The first two pizza parlor locations in Illinois were opened by two residents, John and Brandon Moseley. The two brothers live in the Chicago and East St. Louis areas. They have loved pizza ever since they were kids, and they are excited to help contribute to the thriving pizza industry in their area.


They achieved this by opening stores that offer pizza fans a chance to experience something new with Happy Joe’s. The outstanding franchise´s owners are dedicated people excited about being part of this new step for a beloved brand. They have enjoyed bringing Happy Joe’s fresh, unique take on pizza and pasta to the community, and they understand that their pizza is so good because it is made by people like them who give their all to get it right.


Happy Joe’s also recently announced a new program in partnership with the Olive Garden franchise. This partnership will be allowing franchisees to sell both pizza and Olive Garden pizza, pasta, and salad combo meals. This is the perfect solution for people who want the convenience of ordering from just one brand and the option to collect from different stores.

The outstanding Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor is an excellent example of a company giving back and having a positive impact on the places they serve. They achieve this by using its commitment to the community to build a solid foundation for long-term growth. The Happy Joe’s American pizza company found an opening in the local market, and it is working hard to fill it.