Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Exclusive Interview: Horizons Telecom’s Creator

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a known civil engineer and investor who is enthusiastic about IT. Haroldo Jacobovicz has also founded three telecom companies that were created to gather the perfect strategic resources, technical professionalism, and human talent to counter the IT challenges by applying the best solutions. These telecom companies have benefitted both the public and private industry that is instrumental in changing the Brazilian markets. Horizons Telecom has an assured fiber network, redundancy as well as improved equipment out there.

The company has advanced and upgraded since its creation in 2010 sorted out the Brazilian suppliers with the best telecommunication services. The triumphant exploration of Horizons Telecom triggered the formation of another venture in 2020 called Horizons Datacenter whose goal was to offer cloud capacities.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s parents were both civil engineers with the mother being among the female trailblazers in the country. Her dedication made Haroldo Jacobovicz more motivated. His dad worked on different physical structures out of nothing. In the beginning, Haroldo Jacobovicz towed his parents’ footsteps by studying civil engineering from a recognized institution called Federal University based in Parana.

Later, Haroldo discovered that he was more passionate about IT, and through his parents, he was more motivated to emulate them by following their targets of forming something bigger and better. Haroldo Jacobovicz was curious about the innovations that determine the world and he started reading everything manageable based on the magazines and newspapers’ technology. Jacobovicz realized that in business, luck was also an essential aspect alongside talent, and hard work to ensure the results are more lasting.

Haroldo never wasted time exploring IT because he convinced some friends to get deeper into the same industry known as Microsystem before graduation. The telecom venture had unique solutions meant to enable business automation of their cash and inventory management, even though this one never resonated well with the public.

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