Hauser Insurance Group Launches Transparent Health Benefits Service

Hauser Insurance Group has launched a new health benefits service for small and medium-sized businesses. Hauser Insurance Group, headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario Canada, is an independent firm that has been providing insurance services to Canadian business owners since 1989. Hauser’s latest venture is Hauser Benefits , which will offer the newly created Transparent Health Benefits Service to help their clients reduce overhead costs while managing their company’s healthcare needs.

“Healthcare costs are rising dramatically across Canada. The purpose of Hauser Benefits is to offer unique, innovative healthcare products that will help our clients control their overall employee benefit expenses while keeping them comfortable knowing they have quality healthcare coverage for themselves and their employees,” explains Jim Hauser, President of Hauser Insurance Group. “With the majority of our clients companies with less than 100 employees, we recognized the need for this service and created Hauser Benefits to address it.”

Clients of Hauser Insurance Group who are looking to reduce their overall health benefit costs will now have access to a special program designed specifically for them. This unique service allows clients to purchase private insurance policies that provide tax free reimbursement for a range of services. These accounts are administered by Hauser Insurance Group, which will manage the client’s total health related expenses to ensure they are being managed in accordance with client specifications.

“Hauser Benefits is designed to provide our clients with an easy way to control their company’s healthcare costs while providing them with comprehensive coverage.” Says Hauser. “This program reflects our continued commitment to provide quality insurance services that will help our clients maximize their company’s profitability.”

The company provides a full range of business and personal insurance products for Canadian residents, with a focus on the GTA market. These products include health and dental benefits, life insurance, travel insurance, commercial automobile insurance and general liability.