How Andrea Natale has Used Technology to Enhance Treatment

Dr. Natale AndreaAndrea Natale started his medical studies in the late 70s and later graduated summa cum laude in Medicine and surgery. Afterward, he joined the Catholic University of the Sacred Hearts Cardiology to continue his studies. Upon completion of his studies, Andrea headed the physiopathology department. He later studied the human heart to understand it through electrophysiology. As the head of the Cleveland clinic’s cardiac pacing and electrophysiology department, he has conducted numerous lead research to understand atrial fibrillation. A heart condition that affects heart arrhythmia, putting patients in danger of experiencing stroke and heart attack.

Andrea Natale has constantly worked to come up with a solution to the condition. His research has focused on restoring normal heartbeat to patients to help them regain their everyday lifestyle. Eventually, he developed a vein-ablation system that uses circumferential ultrasound to treat AFib. For the success of the AFib device, Dr. Andrea has received a patent and formed a radio-frequency ablation system for those who have failed conventional ablation treatment. Atrial fibrillation has been challenging to treat since patients’ conditions differ, some being chronic. However, a hybrid treatment combination of ablation and surgery has proved to work on chronic patients, especially those who didn’t respond well to traditional methods.

Since his career began, Andrea Natale has published several articles by prestigious publishing companies. His research helps other researchers and academics alike. Most of his writings are featured in circulation relate to cardiovascular treatment and his research. Additionally, circulation picks specific topics on cardiovascular and electrophysiology to publish. Many patients have benefited from his work, and they can only thank him for giving them a second chance when they had lost all hope. Through technology, he has found a solution to a life-threatening condition.

Dr. Andrea Natale hosts an EP Live platform which is a two-day event that targets practicing electrophysiologists and trainees. The program tackles different sections with the help of experts in each field. Here, AFib practitioners get a clear understanding, and they are free to raise questions relating to the subject and learn to use the latest equipment to achieve the best results.