How Flexibility has helped Kip Lewis

Survival for both small and big businesses is getting tougher each day because of COVID-19.

The calamity did not give anyone a chance to get ready for what was coming.

After the first cases of patients were reported in China in December 2019, it only took two months for the disease to get to every country.

Lockdowns and social distancing laws become the new normal. Many places chose to close their airspace to contain the virus and make the whole society get better.

Austin entrepreneur, Kip Lewis, stays updated and prepared to handle everything coming along with his professional and personal life.

This time, however, Kip Lewis was stranded for the first time as the chief executive officer of a famous Round Rock firm.

The refinancing of his massive and growing properties had to be stopped abruptly as the financial institutions sought a different operating strategy.

Nothing was sounding as normal as used to be.

The world is coming out of this messy situation slowly, with so much attention being given to economies.

The disease has mutated several times so far. Different organizations have stood their ground in operations.

The flexible teams have remained very agile. The few expert leaders have quickly pivoted to find a response to the problem and giant taking business away.

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This will not be the last hard time for entrepreneurs and people in charge of businesses.

It’s high time for everyone who needs to be in business to be very creative and open up to the new innovations.

People need to switch to the new opportunities created by the pandemic.

Waiting for the terrible wave to go away for you to resume business will not work this time around.

For leaders, it is time to shift priorities and go with what works in the changing environment.

The faster people move on from their old ways, the better they will deal with the change.

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