Insight into Simon Denyer

Simon Denyer is a reporter for The Washington Post. He has been reporting on the war in Syria since 2013 and has covered the Middle East as a correspondent. Simon studied Arabic at SOAS University of London before becoming an economics graduate student at Oxford University.

Early Life and Education

Simon Denyer was born in England on the 26th of January 1969. His mother is English, and his father is Chinese. He studied economics at Oxford University before obtaining a master’s degree from SOAS in Arabic language and culture.

Simon lived for six years in Cairo during the 1990s with his wife Lina Ezzat, a journalist and writer. He then returned to China in 1999 as Beijing bureau chief for the South China Morning Post before moving back to London. Later that year where he worked until 2002 as an editor at The Guardian’s foreign desk.

Professional Life

Simon Denyer is a known journalist for The Washington Post. Simon has worked for more than 15 years in the Middle East as a correspondent. Simon joined Reuters in Hong Kong, covering several countries, including Afghanistan, before becoming their correspondent.

He worked throughout 2004-2007. Simon’s work has also appeared in TIME magazine, Foreign Policy, and other publications.


Simon has written two books about China: “China Shakes the World” and “Dragon Warriors.” Simon’s work on human rights in Tibet was shortlisted for a 2012 Amnesty International U.K. Media Award. He is currently based out of Washington D.C. and lives with his family in Maryland, USA.

He also wrote a book called “Dragon Warriors: Ten years on the frontlines of China’s battle with the West.” Simon is now the China correspondent for the Washington Post.

Conclusively, Simon Denyer is a journalist that has done extensive work on the Middle East and China. He has written two books regarding China and the Middle East published in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic and more. He is an inspiration to many journalists around the world. Go Here for related Information.