K4 Global CEO Joseph Ashford Ellis Shares the Future of Marketing

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the founder of K4 Global, a Bournemouth-based company that deals in international trade and business consultancy. Joseph Ashford Ellis has been recognised as one of Bournemouth’s leading entrepreneurs, having grown the company from a small start-up to its current position on the world stage.

Following a career in the British Army and Royal Navy, Joseph Ashford Ellis created K4 Global to assist businesses in reaching markets around the world. By leveraging his extensive experience and network of contacts he has provided companies such as Bournemouth-based The Offshore Group with an entry into new international markets like China. As this case study shows, K4 Global has worked closely with this and many other companies to help them understand the global market, where their industry fits in and how they can go about breaking into these new possibilities for growth and more

It also provides consultation on how to get the best out of an evolving business landscape, with clients including both new businesses looking for advice on creating international relationships and established businesses that are looking to grow internationally. Providing insight into everything from exporting goods to finding reliable partners in new countries, Joseph has helped many companies turn their international dreams into a successful reality.

As a high-profile member of the Bournemouth business community, Joseph is also keen to give something back to those who are just starting out by sharing some of his top tips with entrepreneurs via articles such as this one. Whilst he understands that each entrepreneur has their own unique set of circumstances and goals, Joseph believes that there are a few tried and tested principles that can help any business to achieve its goals.

As a well-known entrepreneur in Bournemouth, Joseph has also been a regular contributor to a number of local and national publications including the Huffington Post, where he provides his own take on what it takes to achieve success. Joseph is committed to helping other entrepreneurs realise their potential through leadership seminars and world-leading business strategy courses.