Kristin‘s insight on how to help employees shutter the glass ceiling

Kristin  is one of the most celebrated names in the athletics space. The celebrated career coach also boasts over a decade of experience in the corporate scene where she held various leadership roles in marketing, operations, and human resource departments. Therefore, you have come to the right place to learn about unlocking employee potential since this is ‘s area of expertise. We also bet you will be pleased to learn that Kristin Ihle Helledy is a renowned Collegiate Athlete, and this is the reason she has a lot of invaluable information on topics relating to leadership and mentorship.

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Do you want to unlock your potential? If your answer is yes, believes that being authentic will help you unlock your potential. For this reason, it is important to examine your values and whether you are true to them.

Mentors play a big role in the success of employees in the workspace, athletes in the field, and students at school. Consequently, believes that mentorship will help employees of all levels of experience improve their productivity, and this is the secret to unlocking employee potential. Look no further than Kristin Ihle Helledy if you want to level up at the workspace or in your professional space. Her experience as a top athlete gives her insight into what individuals need to deliver excellent performance at the highest level.

Also, note that Kristin Ihle Helledy  has experience in the fast-paced, competitive, and ever-changing corporate scene. Her experience in the corporate world while working in the HR, operations, and marketing departments allows the athlete/ career coach to help teams identify ways of unlocking their potential and achieving their goals.

Kristin Ihle Helledy is a Northwestern University and University of Michigan graduate. She is also a board-certified life coach who has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and enterprises. It’s worth noting that her peers also claim that she always brings her A-game on each project and this is the reason she is a successful mentor and coach.