Laura Rea Dickey, The Innovator At Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Watching Laura Dickey work at Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant, Laura has revolutionized the firm’s marketing strategy throughout the course of her time combining it with technological innovations of the information age such as big data and artificial intelligence.

Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth built a name for herself in the fast-casual industry by concentrating on the company’s motto, “evolve or fail” in her current role as the CEO. She has been instrumental in navigating the firm through the coronavirus pandemic period and the economic complications it created.

Prior to becoming CEO, she worked as a consultant at Dickey’s Restaurant. Her expertise in marketing, technology, and communications, as well as her business acumen, immediately made her a valued asset, and she was soon promoted to Chief Information Officer. She managed the deployment and use of information and computer technology across the firm from IT to team training. In 2015, she collaborated with iOLAP to create a unique solution for the company called Smoke Stack a big data and business service provider.

As the CEO, Laura Rea Dickey has proceeded to adapt technological improvements that offer Dickey’s restaurants a competitive advantage in the industry. For the past three years, she has run a delivery program that has resulted in positive same-store sales through digital channels. Smoke Stack has also taken things a step further by releasing an iOS app and integrating Amazon’s speech technology into restaurant operations. Operators get vital sales data analysis via Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant without having to leave the kitchen.

Laura began her career at Murray, a design firm, after graduating from Texas Christian University in 2001. She joined Dickey’s Restaurant in 2009 and her dedication to change as the CEO has earned her multiple awards including Top 500 CEOs, Top 25 Movers and Shakers amongst others. Laura has always had her sights set on progressing because failing is never an option. Go to this page to learn more.


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