Marwan Kheireddine Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs in Lebanon

Who is Marwan Kheireddine?

Marwan Kheirredine is a Lebanese entrepreneur and a strong proponent of youth empowerment. He takes great pride in influencing their lives for the better by mentoring them into entrepreneurship. He’s former American University Beirut professor, where he taught over 10 financial courses to 1200+ students and still maintains links with most of them.

Marwan Kheireddine Is All About Full Devotion to the Course

Marwan Kheireddine has partaken multiple roles to help youths grow in business. He has served on the Beiruts’ stock exchange board and has been on the trustees’ board in both American University Beirut (business faculty), and American Community School Beirut.

Here’s also one of the initiators of the Lebanon chapter of Endeavor, an international NGO that nurtures entrepreneurs in Lebanon. Moreover, he launched YOUTHinc to facilitate the mentorship of young entrepreneurs. That’s not all; he aided in the development of the initiative to boost new startups in Lebanon under Circular 331.

Marwan Kheireddine Subscribes to the Power of Technology in Driving Business Success

Marwan Kheireddine sees technology as an essential medium for young entrepreneurs’ success. He acknowledges the rate at which technology is advancing and the speed at which young people are embracing technology. He attributes the fast pace of technological advancements to the development of portable tech devices. He further says that these rapid advances have created lots of uncertainties in banking (especially in technology and intermediation), and bets on the next generation to bring some calmness.

Marwan Kheirredine sees a brighter future for Lebanon, judging by its current potential, and takes on a notion that knowing what one wants is paramount to achieving one’s goals.

He adopts an interesting take on the best fuel for success: shunning negativity. He asserts that the quicker one shakes off negativity, the easier and faster they realize their set goals. He advises Lebanon youths to take charge of their decisions by evaluating what suits them best. Read full interview by Marwan Kheireddine at