Matthew Fleeger’s Philanthropic Initiative towards Cancer Children in Dallas

Matthew FleegerCancer children in Dallas have found Matthew Fleeger to be of great help due to his philanthropic initiative to fund Sadie Keller Foundation. The idea is to buy toys presented to these children during Christmas in their respective hospitals. Sadie Keller, the CEO of the foundation, was diagnosed with cancer at the early age of seven. It was an arduous journey battling cancer, and when she was out of the hospital bed, she promised herself to be of great help to cancer children. Therefore, she started the foundation to donate toys to cancer children in the hospital she was diagnosed with. The foundation has grown more extensive and is currently servicing 11 hospitals in Dallas. The foundation also covers Houston, Austin, and five other states.

Sadie Keller and Matthew Fleeger are not just corporate partners. They have grown to be friends due to the donations that the Gulf Coast CEO has brought into the foundation. He was moved by Keller’s idea to donate toys. He has seen adults suffer from cancer and wondered what impact it could have on a child. The first time he donated towards the foundation was a $58000 donation to purchase these toys. Also, he promised to continue the donation every year. He is also an active member of the Yellow Ball Fundraiser, an initiative by the Keller Foundation to raise funds. He has been an active buyer of the artwork and influenced his friends to attend the fundraiser. Not forgetting, he offered his employees and trucks to help purchase the toys from various stores. Since most employees are parents, they use their experience to buy toys for various children, depending on their age group.

Matthew Fleeger

Sadie Keller Foundation has been running smoothly until the coronavirus outbreak. Hospitals are not operating normally, and cancer children are not getting visits as usual. Also, it has taken jobs away from most people, impacting the funds that the foundation can raise. However, Matthew Fleeger has continued to support the foundation. He increased his donation by 25%. Also, he continued to buy artwork from the Yellow Ball Fundraiser, although it was called off. The foundation is now buying toys that could engage the children indoors.