How Flexibility has helped Kip Lewis

Survival for both small and big businesses is getting tougher each day because of COVID-19.

The calamity did not give anyone a chance to get ready for what was coming.

After the first cases of patients were reported in China in December 2019, it only took two months for the disease to get to every country.

Lockdowns and social distancing laws become the new normal. Many places chose to close their airspace to contain the virus and make the whole society get better.

Austin entrepreneur, Kip Lewis, stays updated and prepared to handle everything coming along with his professional and personal life.

This time, however, Kip Lewis was stranded for the first time as the chief executive officer of a famous Round Rock firm.

The refinancing of his massive and growing properties had to be stopped abruptly as the financial institutions sought a different operating strategy.

Nothing was sounding as normal as used to be.

The world is coming out of this messy situation slowly, with so much attention being given to economies.

The disease has mutated several times so far. Different organizations have stood their ground in operations.

The flexible teams have remained very agile. The few expert leaders have quickly pivoted to find a response to the problem and giant taking business away.

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This will not be the last hard time for entrepreneurs and people in charge of businesses.

It’s high time for everyone who needs to be in business to be very creative and open up to the new innovations.

People need to switch to the new opportunities created by the pandemic.

Waiting for the terrible wave to go away for you to resume business will not work this time around.

For leaders, it is time to shift priorities and go with what works in the changing environment.

The faster people move on from their old ways, the better they will deal with the change.

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 QNET Is a Direct Selling (MLM) Company Usually Associated with Scam

QNET performs legit business using the MLM model. But there are reasons some people associate it with scams, rumors, and controversies. Differentiating a pyramid scheme and a legit direct selling company comes in handy in this issue.

The main difference is that under the illegal pyramid scheme, people recruit more people to earn commissions. In genuine direct selling organizations, people earn commissions depending on the type of product and quantity or number they sell. Even those with large networks, when they fail to buy, they fail to earn commissions.

The company doesn’t deal with illegal pyramid schemes, and most people lose money. Instead of selling products to make a profit, they keep hiring new agents, charging members upfront, and buying enormous inventory quantities that they can’t return. Their products generally have no real value or don’t exist at all.

People who mistake legit firms selling products directly for usually don’t have the details. Whenever people complain about legit MLM firms, they don’t know how much work it takes to build successful companies, while others don’t understand the models. Thus, organizations like QNET are often the victims of persistent allegations, speculation, and unfounded complaints from the media.

QNET operates businesses in the most demanding countries where it follows the set laws and regulations. These include Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where the firm’s operations are entirely legal and comply with local laws.

At times, people who practice network marketing associate in unethical activities and can easily expose the industry to such foul language. QNET operates in different countries, pays taxes, contributes to various humanitarian causes, and follows local regulations to reinvest in those countries.

It also imposes strict rules of professional ethics on its distributors and punishes those who violate its policies and procedures. It is high time growing economies and countries recognize direct selling businesses to avoid related challenges.

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Bob Bull, RoyaleLife Founder and CEO Giving the Elderly People Hope through Bungalow Constructions across the UK

Bob Bull understands the real estate trend in recent decades. Apartments, villas, and single rooms are the most common properties. The properties are suitable for various clients in the country. Hence, they are more affordable because demand exceeds supply. It makes them an exciting market product for buyers rather than sellers.

Due to the above factors, there are fewer bungalows in the UK. Most real estate companies continue to build real estate units they consider the best and most economical for the larger population. However, there is an influx of real estate developers into the industry like mushrooms after a rain, which is to fill the missing gaps in the market.

Bob Bull comprehends the industry trends and is always looking for a vacancy that he can use to ensure his company competes in the sector which is filled with many companies. Bull is an experienced real estate investor searching for inventive opportunities.

As Bob Bull pointed out, most real estate organizations have abandoned the construction of bungalows, considering that the construction of other types of real estate is economical and saleable. Seeing this, he didn’t waste any chance but rapidly entered the marketplace to cater for the gaps and develop real estate, focusing on bungalow development.

Bob Bull noted that single-story properties have existed for years. They don’t only attract middle and low income people. They are designed for high-income people because they can pay for the required expenses and maintenance services.

Bob Bull and RoyaleLife are targeting those facing retirement age. RoyaleLife has become the largest supplier of bungalows to people over 45 in the UK. After it was founded in 1945, the firm is known for building thousands of houses for its clients.

Robert Bull’s: Facebook Page.

Bhanu Choudhrie: How COVID-19 has affected aviation

The coronavirus was one of the unprecedented situations for the people who operate businesses. Bhanu Choudhrie did not visualize a situation whereby people would close their businesses and stay indoors. In the tourism and travel departments, Bhanu Choudhrie and other individuals experienced the worst losses.

Travel bans and restrictions in meeting in public places simply meant that these businesses had to remain out of operations. The only time Bhanu saw such restrictions was when SARs or the dangerous Ebola disease had spread in the world. As one of the leaders in the airline section, Bhanu had to make various adjustments to live with the new change and reality.

Companies operating in this department have had to reduce most of their flights and consider their normal costs. Charging the people extra amounts of money to recover the time they have lost business will not help anything. The consumers will stay away from travelling because they have lost their resources during the pandemic too.

For the challenging industry to regain its operations when the pandemic has ended, the stakeholders will have to be very keen on how they carry their activities. Social distancing measures should be in place to avoid losing more people.

When corona struck the whole world, professionals in the airline industry, led by Bhanu Choudhrie, showed the best leadership. The professionals stopped all their operations when they were requested because they knew they were all at risk of dying from the disease.

The temporary rules set from the start of the global pandemic taught the airline professionals that everything was happening for their own good. The competitive industry is still trying hard to live with the new set of rules in aviation. Bhanu Choudhrie has tried to reach most of his clients in aviation through the available virtual means, and he has seen a good response. To know more click: here.

In The Dr. Oz Show with Sudhir Choudhrie

Almost twenty years ago, Sudhir Choudhrie went through a successful heart transplant done by the most prevalent heart surgeon Dr. Oz Mehmet. Choudhrie has enjoyed a healthy life ever since he received the surgery. Having gone through the scariest moment in his life, Sudhir Choudhrie gained a passion for giving back to the community, being a sign of good faith to those who supported him. Through this forum, he also gives hope to people with heart challenges.

Sudhir Choudhrie has thirty years of experience in building and managing big businesses like TAJ hotel and Air Decan. In his entire career, Sudhir has earned profits that put him in a position that allows him to donate to different charities. For example, Choudhrie began the Choudhrie Family Foundation located in London, which has a primary role in Oz’s HealthCorps.

The Choudhrie started the Choudhrie Family Foundation to help in research related to education and medicine. Despite its tremendous contributions, the foundation is also crucial to people with heart transplant expectations and other patients. Similarly, the foundation plays an essential role in funding Health Corps campaigns which play a vital role in educating teens and older people in matters concerning the benefits of organ donation.

Sometimes back, Sudhir Choudhrie confirmed that he is so grateful for the heart transplant, and there is no price he can pay to cover for all those who supported him during that difficult period. The organization founded by Dr. Oz and his wife, Sudhir Choudhrie, is considered a more outstanding contribution to the forum. In the recent past, Oz put his foundation into use by educating the community members about the benefits of donating organs.

Dr. Oz also encouraged young people through his foundation to register as organ donors. Sudhir Choudhrie has also made significant contributions to the export market, and this is evident by his foundation of the Magnum International Trading Company.

Dr. Andrea Natale Is A Leader

Dr. Andrea NataleDr. Andrea Natale has practiced medicine in many different parts of the world, from Italy to the United States. Over the years, he has become an expert in cardiovascular medicine. An extremely dedicated cardiologist, Dr. Natale is eager to share his knowledge with professionals around the world. Here is why Dr. Natale has been commended for his incredible career.

Check Out His Unwavering Commitment To Research And Innovation

When it comes to creating extremely innovative treatments for certain heart conditions, Dr. Andrea Natale strongly believes that research is key. After spending many years researching electrophysiology, this award-winning cardiologist created a minimally invasive procedure to treat AFib. Keep in mind that he does not recommend traditional ablation procedures to cardiac patients.

By working with Ninety One Inc., Dr. Natale has recently developed several modern technologies for cardiac treatment. He truly enjoys creating innovative devices are specifically designed to improve patient care.

When he participates in interviews, Dr. Natale always shares his primary goal. Ever since he graduated medical school, Dr. Natale has been on a mission to ensure that people do not suffer from AFib.

In order to accomplish his remarkable goal, he strives to share his knowledge with the next generation of cardiology leaders. In past years, Dr. Andrea Natale has spoken at prominent conferences.

He truly wants to make a big difference in the lives of his cardiac patients.

Meet Dr. Andrea Natale: A Top American Cardiologist

When you speak to many of Dr. Natale’s patients, they will tell you that he is an extremely reputable cardiologist. In fact, he has been recognized as a top doctor in Ohio. Don’t you feel reassured?

Over the years, this noteworthy cardiologist has received several awards. He is the proud recipient of the Innovator Award and the First Humanitarian Award.

If you are like most people, you are probably asking yourself why Dr. Natale received several awards. Since he has shown an outstanding commitment to improving AFib treatment, many institutions wanted to honor him.

Dr. Natale is also praised for giving back to the community. He is a true humanitarian.

How Caribou Is Enhancing Its Services

Caribou Caribou is a parcel delivery company with over 20 years of experience delivering and distributing domestic and international parcels. The delivery company is designing its game-changing solution for parcel delivery in partnership with other premium partners.

The company offers its services globally with strategic locations in the UK at Manchester, Grantham, and Colchester. The company’s mission is to provide the optimum and pioneering delivery experience to the end-user. Caribou intends to utilize the current evolution in tech to offer the best delivery services across the globe.

Caribou staffs and management make the delivery experience fantastic; it is a place where they enjoy working and get opportunities to visit new places. Customers are the heart of the company; designing the system to ensure the best customer experience is vital for future growth and development. The company is driven by fairness, honesty, and passionate values.

The staffs are always happy being part of the company and work hard to make it big and prosperous. Due to its massive expansion across the UK, the company is hiring more staff to work on custom orders and deliveries. Through progressive thinking, Caribou partnered with Cuhu– a tech development company, to utilize the new technology of using mobile applications to create real-time delivery apps for their driver and signatures from esteemed customers.

The company delivery is well monitored, from route planning, driver tracking, and proof of product delivery. The warehouse staff uses barcode scanners to identify parcel delivery locations and determine the fastest route to customers’ destinations.


The delivery vehicle tracking system is via GPS systems on the caribou websites. After a successful delivery, time, location, and date are recorded in the driver’s app to prove the delivered product. The company also utilizes the use of digital signatures and customer images to verify delivery. Caribou drivers app is under testing process to make their job easier while creating optimum customer experience.

The parcel’s delivery giant is planning to create more technologically advanced platforms to improve customer experience is a sign of development. Customers from the company give positive reviews of their experience from the company delivery. They recommend the company for its excellent services.

Jack Mason Is Always Up For a Challenge

Jack MasonOne of the many important things things about running a business in the modern world is being able to think in new and innovative ways. This is something that Jack Mason does all the time. He likes to come up with brand new ideas and set them in motion. One of his most important ideas is being able to think about the kind of spaces that people want to rent. Those at Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO do this all the time. They think about spaces that are what they are right now and envision what they could be with some effort. He and his staffers are always on the lookout for properties that might be transformed in some way. Updating existing properties is the lifeblood of his plans. It’s very much what he does and why he has been such a success in the field of real estate. He has been able to spot properties that need some updating and bring them up to higher standards for his many real estate clients.

Making It Work

Jack Mason

Making it work means thinking about the world of real estate very closely. That means being able to think about what it is that people want and need in any space they choose to use. For many modern client, this means spaces that are endlessly adaptable. They want spaces that are easily updated in order to respond to changing conditions. They also want spaces that offer them a chance to be part of a thriving city such as Manchester or London. For those at Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO providing them is exactly what they do every day of the year. This is one company that has been able to step and deliver what people need when they want it. That is why this is also a company that has done so well. Jack Mason gets what his clients are looking for when picking out office space in the contemporary business world. He is always considering what they want and coming up with ways to make sure his clients are very pleased.

Mathew Fleeger Western Coast Gulf Leader

Matthew FleegerThe challenges that the oil and gas industry is currently facing did not start now; instead, it has existed for a couple of decades. The world and the United States of America have been going for alternative energy sources, this being the main issue the sector is facing. Another big challenge that the industry is facing is the inadequacy in resources, the technological issues, and the economy’s fluctuation that has forced several energy organizations to re-model their structures. The management of the gas and oil companies must look beyond the industry’s encounters and find solutions to the problems.

The oil and gas companies must think of how they will tackle the cost-effectiveness of their everyday operations, move around the world consumption, and improve efficiency. As much as the company’s challenges are faced by all oil and gas companies in the world, some have managed to meet the challenges and are shinning in the industry. One of the leaders in the sector Western Coast Gulf is among the few companies that have made it through the industry’s troubles. The organization is led by its able leader Mathew Fleeger who has vast experience in managing an organization. Western Coast Gulf was established to discover, develop gas and oil reserves, and obtain energy in the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. Ever since the inception of the energy firm, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion, with the organization establishing other operational regions, including Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The firm made a name for its self in the industry and recognized Stellar for its performance.

Matthew Fleeger

For over 40 years, Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has been in the industry since its creation. The company is a family business established in 1970 by Mathew Fleeger, Western Coast Gulf father. Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is a go-getter and is committed to lead the organization to higher heights. Mr. Fleeger and his team have built a company that has become a household in the United States of America.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Rod Rohrich

Boasting accolades and credentials galore, plastic surgeon Dr. Roh Rohrich offers an impressive array of plastic surgery services out of his practice at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Whether you are considering rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation, body contouring, or revision services, to name just a few, Dr. Rohrich has an extensive collection of before and after photos – the results speak for themselves. For those looking for minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Rohrich also offers skin resurfacing, fillers, and hair rejuvenation.

Explore what Dr. Rohrich has to offer, and click to book a consultation directly on his website.