Brightline Project: A Train In Progress! Wes Edens Shares His Thoughts On The Future of Florida Rail

Southern Nevada and the greater United States project comes with various benefits. According to Fortress Investment Group co-CEO Wes Edens, the project is “at the 1-yard line” in terms of breaking ground. 

It would be great news for those who have been waiting for the construction of this project for a long time, but there will still be plenty of work ahead before any construction starts on this project. 

The high-speed rail project will link Las Vegas with Southern California and travel at up to 220 miles per hour. There has been progressing for ten years, but recently, a lot more strides have been made towards getting it out into the world. Now, the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens, says they are finally “at the 1-yard line.” 

There are constant delays in the Brightline high-speed rail project, which is why it’s been hard to pin down when construction begins. There was, however, a delay due to funding issues and litigation with the Florida East Coast Railway. “There are no definitive dates,” Wes Edens told the Review-Journal. “We don’t have one yet.” 

Wes Edens believes that building Brightline between Las Vegas and Southern California will positively impact both cities through job creation and increased tourism. The train would reduce travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco by up to four hours, significantly impacting the economy in those areas. 

Wes Edens is committed to Brightline and has worked closely with Tony Marnell, a former owner of the Golden Knights, for the last ten years. The decision to include Fortress Investment Group was made to get it past a crucial point and into construction quickly. 

Edens and Fortress Investment Group have been involved in the project since 2008 when they were minority investors. Fortress purchased a majority stake in the project in 2014. With plans for a possible extension into Los Angeles now in place, Edens said this time is for real and that he expects to break ground on the project by the end of 2018.

 Trey Branham and his career success 

Trey Branham has been doing well in the field of legal practice. After graduating from college, he started working with another legal professional. His focus on individuals was motivated by his urge to impact lives positively in the community. He has helped several people at the community level access justice. 

Personal injury lawyer 

Trey Branham specializes in personal injury law. His decision was made after realizing people undergo different forms of suffering and need legal help. He has been working with several legal experts to help people who have been exposed to different forms of injustices gain justice. He has been very helpful in helping people in the community. 

Several years of legal experience

Trey Branham has been in the legal field for several years. Over the years, he has developed the necessary experience to tackle different challenges. People who face different challenges in the community can rely on his advice to get help. His happiness involves working with people who have real issues affecting their lives. 

Collaborates with other lawyers

To improve his experience, he prefers working with other lawyers who help him get ideas on how to tackle complex legal matters. He works hard to interact with other lawyers who have helped grow his career over time. 

Appreciates virtual courtrooms 

The advancement in technology has made work easy for Trey Branham. Instead of traveling several nights in a year, he appreciates that the virtual courtrooms make it easy for people to get the required help. He is an advocate for the application of the latest technology. 

Alddo Molinar: Anesthesia Director and Learner

Some people are raised to the highest pinnacles of their careers in various forms. This same action came upon Alddo Molinar, who has gained the success of his career from years of experience in the field of anesthesia. As the Medical Director of Anesthesia at the East Ohio Regional Hospital, he practices medical procedures by comforting those around him with his highly skilled training. Gaining this insight has taken time, but Alddo Molinar has worked hard to gain the success that has come through such experience. 


What has set him apart from others in his field?  


That is made known through a reflected interview from IdeaMensch. In it, Alddo Molinar describes the way that he was raised. As the eldest son of Mexican immigrants, he was determined to make an impact in the field he desired to go. His field of choice was in the medical field, as he tragically lost his grandparents to cancer. 


Anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar


Thus giving him the desire to seek healing for others through anesthesia purposes. Going for his degree at the University of Texas in Austin, he then threw himself into working at the Cleveland Clinic. After that, Alddo Molinar worked his way up to the current position he is in now. Helping others seek treatment through anesthesia, and the positive aspects that it gives. 

What draws people to the physician Alddo Molinar though, is his true hearted passion to learn and continue to be a lifelong learner. This attribute is set apart, as so many people are focused on their own way of thinking. In order to accomplish what they need to get done. Overall, a critical care medicine expert like him. However what the anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar is focused on is a greater thought process. Even when you reach the top billing of medicine, you can still hold a spirit of learning lifelong lessons along the way!

PosiGen Solar Energy and their Eco Friendly Products

PosiGen is an energy efficiency company that was founded in 2002. They believe that energy efficiency is better for the environment than the wastefulness of using energy from renewable resources. Their products are used by businesses and schools all over the world. PosiGen is a member of the United States Nuclear Ara Number Two Registry, and its products are listed on many websites. It’s important to know about them and to use their products safely!


PosiGen products are listed on many websites.

PosiGen is a well-known company in the energy efficiency world. They have a good selection of products used by businesses and schools. Their products are listed on many websites, which helps them be safe and used safely.


How PosiGen helps the environment

PosiGen is committed to creating an environmentally friendly business model. Their products are listed on many websites, and it’s important to know the company’s history and how they achieved this. PosiGen has developed other sustainable practices such as using organic farming, consuming sustainable meats, and contaminants in their products.


PosiGen-waste is a valuable resource for the environment

PosiGen is a valuable resource for the environment because they are responsible for tastelessly using energy from renewable resources. Their eco- friendly products are used by businesses and schools worldwide and are listed on many websites. It’s important to know about them and to use their products safely!


PosiGen products are never processed in a landfill.

PosiGen is a sustainable energy company that uses organic materials in its products and services. They use carbon-free resources to produce power and have no emissions from their product or service.


PosiGen products are recycled.

PosiGen is a sustainable energy company determined to be the best for the environment. Their products are recycled using hot recycling processes, which means that they are composed of and release carbon dioxide and helium. Their products are also labeled for easy cleaning.

A sale is an option: SoftBank lays Bare its plans for Fortress Investment Group

SoftBank has yet to decide on a preferred bidder for Fortress Investment Group, which owns stakes in hedge funds including Perry Capital LLC and private-equity fund Cerberus Capital Management LP, one of the people said. Representatives for Fortress, the Tokyo-based company, and SoftBank declined to comment. Cerberus Capital Management LP, a Fortress investor since 2007, was not immediately available for comment.

There are no ongoing sale discussions of the New York Fortress, SoftBank spokesman Chris Fusco said. There have been no investments for the Vision Fund on the West Coast and are not currently in the process of seeking to raise additional capital, he said. SoftBank has said it plans to separate its domestic telecom operations from the $100 billion technology fund.

Fortress Investment Group investment teams are likely to be retained following a potential sale, and the firm will continue to operate globally with its management team. One of the people said that the firm is also expected to pursue partnerships or other arrangements with the new owners.

The deal made SoftBank the largest owner of private-equity investments in the U.S., where Fortress manages $41 billion in assets for pension funds, endowments, and other investors. The New York Fortress could attract interest from private-equity firms and other investors, the people said. The company has become one of Japan’s largest real estate investors, and some employees and fund managers have expressed interest in joining SoftBank’s Vision Fund, the people said.

SoftBank, which owns an 80% stake in Fortress Investment Group, has been considering divesting some of its shares to reduce exposure to its other holdings, such as Yahoo Japan Corp., one of the people said. The person said that SoftBank is also interested in acquiring Fortress’s management and investment platform.

At a conference Tuesday, SoftBank Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son talked about various options to make Vision Fund-related transactions more tax efficient. According to a statement issued by SoftBank, he added that any transaction would be a combination of a sale and a buyout.

SoftBank, which used Fortress Investment Group for real estate lending in the U.S. before integrating it into the Vision Fund, has held discussions in recent months with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. about possibly selling the asset manager, one of the people said. The discussions haven’t reached a point where Goldman will act as an advisor.

Exploring Books About and By Alexander Payne

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne is a prolific Hollywood director and executive producer. He started his Hollywood career in the early 1990s by taking on minor crew roles on film sets after completing his MFA at UCLA. After working in the minor crew roles for five years, the filmmaker decided to take his career mainstream. His debut film was Citizen Ruth (1996), and he has worked on more than 20 films and TV series as the director and executive producer. Besides his Hollywood career, Payne has authored several books and had several books written about him. Recently, this accomplished Hollywood director explored books about him and by him during a recent interview.

The Sideways Guide to Wine and Life

This book marks Alexander Payne’s debut as an author, and it was written in collaboration with Jim Taylor. It was published in 2005 as a companion to his Oscar-winning film Sideways (2004). The book is an illustrated guide for wine recommendations, a list of wines featured in the movie, and tips for tasting wine. It also covers wineries and locations to visit in Sant Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara County, some of which were in the Oscar-winning movie.

Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film: A Reporter’s Perspective

This book came out in 2013 and was written by Leo Adam Biga as a biography of Payne covering his film career from 1998 to 2012. Leo pointed out that he took notice of this filmmaker’s talent during the screening of his thesis film project, The Passion of Martin, when he was still studying for his MFA at UCLA Film School. From that point on, the author has been following his film career.

Alexander Payne Interviews

This piece of work was penned by Julie Levinson and offers an insightful look at Payne’s interviews throughout his filmmaking career. During the interviews, the Hollywood director comes out as a captivating conversationalist. The interviews also cover an array of subjects that are relevant to the filmmaker and also other people.

Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film

Leo Adam Biga penned an updated edition of the similarly titled book that came out in 2013. The revised edition was published in 2016 and offers a more in-depth look at Payne’s accomplishments. Additionally, it provides a new perspective on his storytelling and filmmaking style.

Who’s Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitBest known for his skills in filmmaking, Randy Douthit is and has been a top-notch movie producer and director for years now. He is popularly known for his fantastic work on the reality show known as Judge Judy.

The Show Judge Judy did so well and ran for a considerable time. Since then, Douthit has turned into the chief producer for Judy Justice, a different type of very much adored show.

As indicated by his profile on Amazon Studios, Douthit began his production career in nearby TV before, at last, continuing to CNN, which was by then a well-established TV station. Douthit is likewise said to have had spells at both Warner Bros and Quincy Jones Entertainment.

Shows he has worked on

Randy Douthit has not excelled in producing and directing the Judge Judy show. The legend has a series of shows he has worked on, and most of them did and are still doing well.

You Know Larry King Live? This was one of his first projects. However, the show did so well and ran for a couple of decades. That must have been some great work there. By the time the show got to its 25th year on air, it had attracted a lot of nominations to various awards.

Randy was constantly making banger films, and not so long after the Larry King Live, he produced the Crossfire, which gained a lot of fame as one of the best political syndicated shows in the united states. The show went off the air in 2014. Randy also acted as the executive producer of Jesse Jackson’s show, Hot Bench, Jenny Jones, and Judge Joe Brown.

The awards he has worn

Randy DouthitRandy has thus far won a lot of awards. He has won 3 Emmy Awards.

One was for the unique reality-rivalry program for AGT (America Got Talent). The second honor he won was similar, yet it was for a particular reality managing program because of America’s Got Talent. He likewise got an Emmy Award for being an exceptional host in actuality or reality-contest shows because of his work on America’s Got Talent and facilitating the show. He has won different honors for Judge Judy, including a Golden Apple Award and a TV Guide Award.

Upcoming shows with Judge Judy

Rumors have it that there’s something good Randy is cooking with the Judge Judy show. The new season is expected to be lit and slightly different from the previous. And obviously, it will be a success as always.

How DFINITY Aims to Change the World

DFINITY USAIf DFINITY USA has its way, the Internet Computer protocol will be something that almost everyone will use as part of their daily lives. This protocol seeks to seamlessly integrate itself into the public Bitcoin network, which would make it easier for people to make use of blockchain technology. Let’s take a closer look at blockchain technology and the various ways that it can improve your life.

What Is the Blockchain?

When a transaction involving a cryptocurrency is conducted, the details of that transaction are stored on a digital block. A block can only be viewed by those who have a key to do so. As new transactions occur, they are linked together in chronological order with those that have already occurred.

Blockchain Technology Can Be Used for Many Different Purposes

Although blockchains were originally used to securely keep track of a digital coin after it was mined, sold or traded, it is now used in a variety of industries. In fact, tools provided by DFINITY USA have been used to create new social networks and other online properties. In the coming years, it is expected that the financial, medical and real estate sectors will make use of smart contracts and other tools that make use of blockchain concepts.

DFINITY Wants to Make the Blockchain Available to All

DFINITY USAThe DFINITY USA mission statement is to make the blockchain available to everyone however they choose to use it. It’s widely believed that the decentralized nature of this technology will eventually make IT departments unnecessary, which can save businesses a significant amount of money. Furthermore, it may help to make employee records and other types of information more secure since it is hard to access without authorization. In the event that someone does get unauthorized access to a block of information, it is impossible to tamper with, which may minimize the potential security risks.


Andrew Lazarus Acquires Control of Beach Hotel Merewether in COVID-19 Period

In the last two years, the business sector seems to have significantly dipped because of the trending cases of coronavirus.

This means that anyone who has been preparing to invest some of their resources has been working on some saving approaches to limit exposing their investments to unwanted challenges from the market.

You might also like: Newcastle Council staff assists in refurbishing Andrew Lazarus beach hotel in Merewether | Newcastle Herald

That is why there have been some decreased investment strategies that have been trending in the same industry over the years.

However, the major challenges seem to have been seen in the restaurant sector, where most of the facilities have already closed their operations.

This is an issue that has been affecting a significant share of the industrial traders who have been focused on pushing their facilities to additional levels.

There have been some major questions as to whether such facilities will be able to achieve their desires in the market with ease.

Generally, some facilities have been analyzing all the options available in their industrial operations.

It is worth communicating that even the largest facilities in the country have faced some major challenges in recent times.

These facilities seem to be working towards coming up with some essential strategies that will keep them in the industry.

Others have been contemplating looking for buyers because they don’t know whether they will remain in the industry in future years.

Beach Hotel Merewether is one of the facilities that have new ownership.

Andrew Lazarus is the current owner of the facility and is managing this iconic hotel together with the huge portfolio that the family owns.

Essentially, Beach Hotel Merewether was not scheduled for sale.

However, the owners have always shown that they can accept to transfer their valuable property if they get the right buyer.

In this case, Andrew Lazarus seems to suit the specific interests and valuation of the owners of the facility.

Connect to Lazarus on

Learn more about Andrew:

K4 Global CEO Joseph Ashford Ellis Shares the Future of Marketing

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the founder of K4 Global, a Bournemouth-based company that deals in international trade and business consultancy. Joseph Ashford Ellis has been recognised as one of Bournemouth’s leading entrepreneurs, having grown the company from a small start-up to its current position on the world stage.

Following a career in the British Army and Royal Navy, Joseph Ashford Ellis created K4 Global to assist businesses in reaching markets around the world. By leveraging his extensive experience and network of contacts he has provided companies such as Bournemouth-based The Offshore Group with an entry into new international markets like China. As this case study shows, K4 Global has worked closely with this and many other companies to help them understand the global market, where their industry fits in and how they can go about breaking into these new possibilities for growth and more

It also provides consultation on how to get the best out of an evolving business landscape, with clients including both new businesses looking for advice on creating international relationships and established businesses that are looking to grow internationally. Providing insight into everything from exporting goods to finding reliable partners in new countries, Joseph has helped many companies turn their international dreams into a successful reality.

As a high-profile member of the Bournemouth business community, Joseph is also keen to give something back to those who are just starting out by sharing some of his top tips with entrepreneurs via articles such as this one. Whilst he understands that each entrepreneur has their own unique set of circumstances and goals, Joseph believes that there are a few tried and tested principles that can help any business to achieve its goals.

As a well-known entrepreneur in Bournemouth, Joseph has also been a regular contributor to a number of local and national publications including the Huffington Post, where he provides his own take on what it takes to achieve success. Joseph is committed to helping other entrepreneurs realise their potential through leadership seminars and world-leading business strategy courses.