QNET Is a Direct Selling (MLM) Company Usually Associated with Scam

QNET performs legit business using the MLM model. But there are reasons some people associate it with scams, rumors, and controversies. Differentiating a pyramid scheme and a legit direct selling company comes in handy in this issue.

The main difference is that under the illegal pyramid scheme, people recruit more people to earn commissions. In genuine direct selling organizations, people earn commissions depending on the type of product and quantity or number they sell. Even those with large networks, when they fail to buy, they fail to earn commissions.

The company doesn’t deal with illegal pyramid schemes, and most people lose money. Instead of selling products to make a profit, they keep hiring new agents, charging members upfront, and buying enormous inventory quantities that they can’t return. Their products generally have no real value or don’t exist at all.

People who mistake legit firms selling products directly for usually don’t have the details. Whenever people complain about legit MLM firms, they don’t know how much work it takes to build successful companies, while others don’t understand the models. Thus, organizations like QNET are often the victims of persistent allegations, speculation, and unfounded complaints from the media.

QNET operates businesses in the most demanding countries where it follows the set laws and regulations. These include Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where the firm’s operations are entirely legal and comply with local laws.

At times, people who practice network marketing associate in unethical activities and can easily expose the industry to such foul language. QNET operates in different countries, pays taxes, contributes to various humanitarian causes, and follows local regulations to reinvest in those countries.

It also imposes strict rules of professional ethics on its distributors and punishes those who violate its policies and procedures. It is high time growing economies and countries recognize direct selling businesses to avoid related challenges.

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