Rip Tide Race Slide Fun at SeaWorld’s Orlando Florida Location

RipTide is the 50th new slide at SeaWorld’s Aquatica in Tampa Bay, Florida. This amazing water slide has a 360-degree view of the resort, with all of the attractions. RipTide is one of SeaWorld’s most thrilling rides, and it is guaranteed to make the day memorable.

This slide begins with two sets of three parallel drop-offs and then transitions to a vertical wave of three sets of ups. RipTide’s special feature of being a water slide makes it one of the tallest water slides in the world. With this one-of-a-kind feature, this ride is a fan favorite at SeaWorld. The wave also bounces along the sides of the amusement park, allowing riders a complete view of the rest of the park as they head around the curve.

Riptide Race Slide is a high-octane waterslide race that pits teams against each other in a race to the finish line. Inspire your friends and family to see who can enjoy the thrill of victory the most! This fast-paced, high-speed journey would have you wanting to try it over and over, accelerating through each turn in a straight finish.

The SeaWorld’s Aquatica RipTide Race Slide is the latest and best adrenaline ride that you and your family can experience on your next visit to SeaWorld Orlando. The Aquatica Rip Tide ride at SeaWorld. Three separate tubes are connected by a massive slide ramp consisting of hundreds of feet of razor-edged water. Every tube contains a boat that is pulled by a massive rope. When the ramp starts to climb, a boat comes down from the harbor, piloted by a seasoned operator. Both eyes will be on you as you take your first of possibly several journeys across the ramp as it rises and descends to the lowest point where the water becomes smooth and tranquil.