Robert McKenna III

Robert McKenna III is a lawyer who runs his firm, McKenna Law LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia.

He has worked as a Legal Assistant and Attorney on the United States Supreme Court and as a Moderator of the Cobb County District Court.

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Now he wants to help others be successful with their business efforts.

To do so, he has just opened his first hybrid office- a consultation center offering start-up companies legal and administrative support.

McKenna Law, LLC is a start-up company that is open most days of the week with regular business hours. Clients can schedule appointments to see McKenna or show up to meet with him.

He will be there, but only those designed will get his undivided attention.

He also has a full staff to assist the clients who have questions or need documents prepared for them.

  1. Keys to Managing a Hybrid Office from Robert McKenna III

The key to managing a hybrid office- the one most people will encounter- is managing the expectations of both sides.

Your clients need to understand what you can and cannot do for them, and it is equally important for you to explain your services so that everything is clear.

  1. Why Have a Hybrid Office?

Most people are generally happy with the service they receive from their law firm, but many have had bad experiences with legal representation.

Robert McKenna III has some observations and advice on the most important keys to having a hybrid office that effectively serves business clients.

He has taken his experience with traditional law firms and his own experience in creating a hybrid office and created these keys to manage a hybrid office.

Robert McKenna III is the kind of attorney willing to take the time to explain what he does and how he can help business owners.

He wants people to know that he understands their concerns, even if they have never been in trouble with the law.