Ross Levinsohn Guides Sports Illustrated Through Transformation

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn joined Maven several years ago as its Chief Executive Officer, and he has consistently provided the digital media company’s clients with exceptional service over recent years. Maven is a respected provider of infrastructure, backroom and monetization support for more than 300 brands. Its served brands include The Street, Sports Illustrated, Ski Magazine, Maxim and more. While Levinsohn’s daily efforts at Maven have supported the company’s many brands, he has made extraordinary efforts to transform Sports Illustrated.

Over the last 70 years, Sports Illustrated has been dominant in the sports media industry. Its print publication is read on multiple continents by millions of people, but its readership has been on the decline recently. More people were choosing digital media over print media. Sports Illustrated had been deriving much of its revenue from print ads and subscriptions, so its income was declining. Ross Levinsohn, who brings almost four decades or industry experience to the table, was aware of this common challenge faced by many print publications. More than that, he knew how to resolve the matter. He created more value for early-release digital content through the establishment of a new premium paywall online.

Ross Levinsohn also played a role in a meaningful upgrade at The Street. This Wall Street-focused media giant needed to break into the world of cryptocurrencies in order to meet a growing need among its audience. To meet demand, Levinsohn was an instrumental player in the launch of an online channel and a newsletter that both cover crypto news.

Levinsohn has been dominant in the digital media world, and his influence was particularly strong when he worked in high executive positions at several leading corporations. This includes time working as President at Fox Interactive Media and Interim President at Yahoo!