Ross Levinsohn’s Professional Success Is Rooted in Creativity and Hard Work

Ross LevinsohnOver the course of the last few decades, Ross Levinsohn has progressively advanced in his media tech career to the top position at major corporations, and he has moved the industry forward as well. As a top-brass leader at some of the most notable media companies in the country and beyond, he has been a key player in a variety of industry advancements. Currently, he is the CEO at Maven, which is a single-platform provider of services to numerous media brands.

Ross Levinsohn took time early on to establish solid footing for what he hoped would be a successful career in the media tech world. After being awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the American University, Levinsohn was honored with a position as the Director of Production and Marketing Enterprises for HBO. His career then took him to CBS Sportsline as the Vice President of Programming. This was followed by executive-level positions at Alta Vista, Fox Interactive Media, Fuse and Guggenheim Digital Media. At Fox Interactive Media, Levinsohn brought together his company with some of the leading web properties at the time. As the CEO at Guggenheim, Levisohn was a major influence on publications like the Hollywood Reporter, AdWeek and Billboard Magazine.

The robust and notable career of Ross Levinsohn also includes positions at ZEFR, Whisper Advisors, The Boston Consulting Group, Sports Illustrated and others. As Maven’s CEO, Levinsohn will be able to pull from all of these rich professional experiences to take Maven confidently into the future.