Stephen Bittel And Other Developers Are Revitalizing Coral Gables In Florida

Florida is home to many historic cities and towns. Many of these places have been well maintained and others were left in disrepair over the years. Coral Gables, despite its beautiful location, is one of the older cities that wasn’t always maintained as it should be. However, there are currently many projects in the works to bring the city back to the vibrant city it once was.

These real estate projects were recently highlighted in an article that was published on The Real Deal. The news release discussed the recent purchase of a prominent building on the Miracle Mile by the investment company, Terranova. It also talked about a new construction project that is going up near the Miracle Mile that is sure to help bring even more tourism to the area.

The article also discussed various details of the recent real estate transaction by Terranova. The company purchased the property with the assistance of a multimillion-dollar loan.

It also stated that the CEO, Stephen Bittel, had been quoted as saying he had been trying to purchase that particular property for well over a decade. Stephen is a real estate mogul, who shares his thoughts on the current state of the real estate market.

Bittel stays extremely connected to his southwest Florida community and is committed to serving the Miami area. He has held positions such as being on the Board of Directors for the Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation, Chapman Partnership, as well as the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. He currently serves on the Board of Teach for America Miami.

Terranova is a real estate investment company that specializes in the acquisitions of commercial property. They own many buildings in the South Florida region. Many of these buildings are leased out to various types of restaurant entrepreneurs. Several of their buildings are located right in Coral Gables on the Miracle Mile. These buildings are home to venues such as Sushi Sake and Dickey’s Barbeque Grill. Rea this article to learn more.

Stephen Bittel is a native to the area and has lived there for the majority of his life. He, and his company, are very active in the local community and supporting various charities. He started Terranova in 1980 when he realized that his passion for the law was not as great as his grandfather’s and father’s.


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