The Reign Of the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s is one of the oldest and running restaurants since its foundation in 1941. Travis Dickey started the food franchise; since then, generations have continued to run the family business. Its growth has been tremendous to the tasty recipe enjoyed in more than 550 locations in the country. Additionally, the company also enjoys some spots in other countries globally.

There have been changes since then which have contributed to its steady growth. One of the key factors has been its leadership. It started with the collaboration of the two brothers Travis Dickey Jr and Roland Dickey Sr, who propelled Dickey Barbecue pit to other locations. Their successful entry saw the expansion of the menu, among other changes. With the access of Roland Dickey Jr in 1999, the food franchise has undergone to make a spot in the industry. He worked his way to form the Dickey s Capital Group, which serves as the CEO.

Laura Rea Dickey has also been a pivotal player in the company. She commands high intelligence, especially on the ground of technology. She has served her roles from the Chief Information Officer to becoming the CEO of Dickey s BBQ Franchise.

Additionally, her presence has seen the development of big data, among others, that makes the food franchise exceptional from others. With the management focusing on its brand, the company opened its doors to international customers with the first investment in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The opening was leeway to other grander openings of other countries globally, including Japan.

More interestingly, the Dickey’s Franchise Guarantee’s key to success has always been to maintain its simplicity. By offering the best quality regarding the making of its Barbecue, it continues to be loved by many. Its success in the industry has also contributed to the rise of the Dickey Foundation certainly been a supporter of community endeavors.

Dickey s Barbecue Pit has its base in Dallas, Texas. It has been recognized among the largest Barbecue franchises in the world. The family business has topped in various food magazines and is identified with accolades and awards on its side. Click here for more information.


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