Tim Ioannides Embraces Technological Advancements to Treat Skin Cancer

In a technologically evolving world, the field of clinical dermatology is not left behind. Enormous improvements are witnessed, and better skincare and remedy are offered to populations. Utilizing technology and medical innovation, sectors dealing with skincare and treatment have moved a distance up. The efforts are geared towards campaigns to educate society about different dermatological infections and diseases.

Tim Ioannides boast of the efforts he has invested in witnessing the current advancements in dermatology. Like any other determined stakeholder, Ioannides is not a fence sitter. He has built an educative niche that explains matters of skin cancer, its treatment, and educating and empowering society. His commitment has seen a change and shaping of skin health. Moreover, Mr. Tim is a volunteer associate lecturer at the Miami School of Medicine.

Mr Tim marvels at the efforts they have put into developing a vaccine to curb skin cancer. The research he did for seven years is worth the investment. It has been a bright ray of light to once gloomy sin cancer patients across the globe. Skin cancer is regarded as among the most dangerous skin-associated disease. According to medical research, it is caused by direct exposure of skin tissues to sunlight.

In a bid to establish a long-term record for his skin cancer clients, Tim built a free to reach online channel to respond and keep in touch with his client’s raised issues. Through this channel, Tim communicates to his clients and educates them not to shy off any identifiable skin changes.

Based in Florida, Dr. Tim Ioannides acquired his degree in Medicine at the Miami School of Medicine. Immediately after graduating, Tim joined the school of medical health sciences at the University of Florida in an intern position, where he cleared his medical residency at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is also a certified member of America’s Dermatology and America’s Mohs surgery. Additionally, Ioannides is the principal Treasure Coast dermatology as well as a humanitarian.

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