Tom Keane: Microsoft’s Role in Empowering Developers

Tom Keane’s Background


Tom Keane leads a global team of engineers as the Corporate Vice President of Azure. His team is dedicated to building the platform of Azure cloud computing so that it can be adopted by every industry, every customer, and every nation worldwide. Tom Keane’s organization is responsible for Azure’s Global Infrastructure.


Microsoft and Its Developers


Microsoft has supported the software community for a long time. According to Tom Keane, the company has the most comprehensive platforms and tools for developers, from Github to Visual Studio. 


It also supports various use cases and industries from financial services, critical industries, healthcare, and space. Tom Keane recalls how as the company broadens its focus toward the space, it will bring security, approachability, and the power of its developer story to a new level.


Azure Cloud Services


Tom Keane explains how Microsoft is using a platform for on-orbit computation at the ultimate edge to empower its developers. Therefore, spacecraft running AI workloads are interconnected with the hyperscale Azure cloud. The company is continually reducing the entry requirements for space development, enhancing the modularity and flexibility of software solutions. Moreover, Tom Keane finally adds, Microsoft is capacitating every developer tasked with building space workloads to leverage the productivity of its developer tools easily and integrate with Azure services, which are developing, analyzing, deploying, and operating space applications both on the ground and in orbit.