Tom Keane Reaches New Heights With Azure

Software developer Tom Keane is corporate vice president and general manager of Microsoft Azure Global, and winner of the 2021 WasingtonExec’s Pinnacle Award (Doyoubuzz). 


Azure Blasts Off


Azure is a cloud computing company under the Microsoft umbrella and provides services such as application services and data storage.


Under Tom Keane’s leadership, Azure has partnered with NASA and Hewlett Packard to help develop a workload test that is AI run. This test can have valuable applications on the International Space Station (ISS), being able to detect damage to the astronauts’ life-saving equipment and spacesuits. One such application is capable of identifying and monitoring the condition of the spacesuit’s gloves. 


Gaining Momentum in Orbit



Azure’s journey into space isn’t stopping at spacesuits, Tom Keane recalls. The company also partnered with Thales Alenia Space, a satellite systems company, to deploy an on-orbit computer and framework that is capable of observing and collecting data about our planet’s climate. According to Tom Keane, this could lead to collecting more valuable information about the Earth’s climate and allow us to innovate new technologies that will aid in its sustainability in the future. 


The company is also working with Loft Orbital, a company that deploys payloads with scheduled satellite missions, to develop new software applications for use in space related infrastructure. This will allow government and civilian organizations to deploy software into space and give way to incredible innovation in space technology. Tom Keane, the University of South Australia graduate, certainly has not only the capability, but also the vision, to take Azure to unimaginable new heights.