Why Macrina Kgil Will Be a Valuable Asset to Blockchain as Its Chief Financial Officer

Macrina Kgil will be an excellent addition to Blockchain as the organization’s new Chief Financial Officer. Macrina’s background will help her in this CFO role. That background consists of company finance functions, and she also has experience with IPOs. This will be valuable to Blockchain as they continue to provide outstanding service to their tens of millions of institutional and retail customers.

When it comes to Blockchain’s CEO, Peter Smith, he had some positive things to say about CFO Macrina Kgil. In particular, he noted how impressed he was with her experience in restructuring liability, handling assets and helping companies to become public. Clearly, the team at Blockchain is counting on the proven financial leadership and knowledge of Kgil. Springleaf Holdings was the organization that Macrina Kgil served before Blockchain. There, she performed quite well s the CFO, and she managed to successfully take Springleaf Holdings public and more

Additionally, Macrina Kgil has expressed excitement at being able to work with the Blockchain team during their unique phase of unprecedented growth and innovation. Macrina’s financial career first began at PwC. There, she was both a capital market transaction advisor and an auditor. The first public alternative asset management firm, Fortress, actually received advisory services from Macrina back then.