Why Visit SeaWorld Zoological Park

Today, hundreds of animal species face the risk of extinction due to activities like overharvesting and pollution of their habitats. Zoological organizations have raised red alerts warning the public of the dangers resulting from the extinctions to counter the move. SeaWorld is an American theme chain park with several countries fighting to save endangered species. Simple activities like visiting the park will help raise funds to be used in saving the animals.

The America-based park is led by its CEO Marc Swanson who is known to waste no time or opportunity that comes in his way. He has been actively involved with the park’s activities since 2004 as a board member until his recent appointment as the CEO. His great commitment has greatly transformed SeaWorld, increasing the number of guests to the park.

SeaWorld does not only raise amounts from its high number of tourists. The park also organizes events and activities throughout the year to keep its guests on the run. One of the famous events held at the park is the Sesame Street Parade. The event’s main characters include Big Bird and Elmo which activities include colorful floats.

Another annual activity that takes place in the park is the SeaWorld San Diego’s Howl-O-Scream. The events take place every September and are re-known to attract a huge audience. The main activities include live shows, roaming haunts, coaster rides, and specialty cocktails. The SeaWorld’s summer event Electric Ocean is also likely to return. The event allows guests to stay all late immersed in light while enjoying electrifying dance music.

SeaWorld has also joined forces with organizations of the same interest to increase its research for animals. They are currently working with OCEARCH, a nonprofit making organization, to study shark reproduction. They have also partnered with Disney to contribute funds to help in conserving coral colonies.

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