Yanni Hufnagel Leading Water Company

Yanni Hufnagel Lemon Perfect is among the leading water companies in the United States. Yanni Hufnagel is the creator of the firm that manufactures unique water in America. The firm has been experiencing tremendous expansion since it was launched. It has attracted not only ordinary people but also celebrities, including Beyonce, who love the flavors and the make of the water. Yanni has always wanted to excel in business, and he is doing it by connecting himself with well-experienced individuals and like-minded people in the business sector.

Recently Yanni Hufnagel appointed Brennan to be part of Lemon Perfect Board of Directors. Yanni had served with Coca-Cola for over 32 years. When Brennan was approached by Hufnagel and talked about joining the group, he was hesitant because he had already retired and wanted to spend the rest of his years resting. While Brannan was serving at Coca-Cola, he was rated among the best sales managers in the region. He had traveled across the country to sell the products. He agreed to join the company because he knew Yanni and his team had a great future. On the other hand, Yanni knew he would get the best from Brannan; he was an asset to the water company.

Brennan mentioned that what sealed the deal between him and Yanni was he realized the potential the organization had. Brennan noted that Lemon Perfect had different products compared to other sporty beverages. Other products are manufactured to be used during and after some occasions, including sweaty moments, and are packed in plain water bottles with added flavors. Yanni and his team are manufacturing water that has no added sugar, is packaged in an attractive water bottle, and has natural flavors. Part of the company’s expansion is it has attracted more investors. Yanni and his company recently received $31 million in funding from celebrities, including Beyonce. So far, the company has received over $100 million since its launch in 2019. Lemon Perfect manufactures its beverages from freshly squeezed filtered juice from an organic lemon.

 Yanni Hufnagel has appointed a new Chief Executive officer and Chief Revenue Officer, Brennan. Yanni trusts that Brennan is perfect for the position because he brings experience that cannot be compared with any other.